Effect Of Declining PGM Price On Scrap Catalyst Value

Prices of platinum palladium and rhodium are down 30 % or more over the last year or so (as of Sept 2015), and as seen in the charts at the bottom of this page. To understand the impact of this decline on the prices of scrap catalytic converters, we have applied average platinum palldium and rhodium monthly prices to the our database* of scrap cats (see previous posts) and plotted in Figures 1 & 2.

From these charts, we estimate that the corresponding decline in the average price of scrap catalytic converters over the last year has been over 20% in British Pound terms, and close to 30% in Dollar terms.

catalytic converter value decline






Fig. 1 Average $ value decline of scrap catalysts.

catalytic converter value decline 2






Figure 2. Average £ value decline in scrap catalysts

As described in previous posts, an in-situ’ value of contained platinum palladium and rhodium is compared with a “true” value or Net Smelter Return, which represents an expected return once all processing and other costs are taken into consideration. Note however that this applies to the average catalytic converter in our database*, and is for representative purposes only.