Maximising the cash return of your scrap catalytic converters

The appeal for recycling scrapped catalytic converters from end-of-life vehicles (amongst other industrial sources) is easy to understand. This is largely because of the general perception that Platinum Group Metal (PGM) content is a high value and easily accessible resource.

Considering the high number of vehicles scrapped each year this is not surprising.Consequently, the autocat recycling market a competitive and rather crowded space.  

There is currently a well-established route from vehicle-breakers and scrapyards through any number of intermediaries until the PGMs are finally recovered at smelters and refineries. Some consider this to be the most efficient route for autocat recycling. But, this pyramid-shaped supply chain generally means a significant loss of value, particularly for those at the base of the supply chain.

As a result, we propose new and better way to get the most value from scrap cats. Follow us as we analyse the scrap catalyst market from all angles, including

• How much precious metal do scrap cats contain?
• What are autocats really worth?
• What is their recycling pathway?
• How are the PGM’s recovered?

In addition, we will be considering the PGM market, including

• Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium prices
• Supply / producers and demand / consumers
• Market history & outlook